My First Prints: Clair de Lune

Exciting news! For the first time, I’m going to sell some prints of my art, and I’m really proud of how they’ve turned out.

The prints are of Clair de Lune a piece I made this last summer while in the pines of the San Bernardino National Forest. It features the silhouette of a dancer in front of an enormous, beautiful moon. It’s extra special because I made it with white charcoal on black paper.

Sometimes when I make art I already have an idea of what I’m going to make. Then, I buy my supplies and get to it. Other times, I buy the supplies first because they inspire me, and then I see what I can do with them. That’s what happened with Clair de Lune. I was wandering the aisles of Michael’s before our family vacation when I spied this beautiful pad of black drawing paper. I was smitten and took it with me on our trip. Drawing the brilliance of the moon on the black paper seemed like just the right thing.

The dancer is actually my eldest daughter and so I’m going to keep the original for now. But so many people have loved this piece that I thought I’d make some prints available.

They are $39 each, numbered, dated, and signed by me on the back. 8” x 10” in a clear plastic sleeve. Shipping is included.

I hope you get inspired to make something today!

To get your print of Clair de Lune, send $39 to via PayPal, Venmo or Pay. Please include your shipping address.